Deal Sourcing Platforms

The use of offer sourcing platforms can easily significantly increase the efficiency of investment banking teams, causing improved productivity and cooperation. They allow deal clubs to achieve all their goals through automated capture data and workflow automation, which often can save a huge selection of hours yearly. Additionally , they will help offer teams boost their efficiency simply by allowing them to catch all important data without departing their offer sourcing software program. This helps all of them focus on more impactful actions. Here are three important features to look for within a deal sourcing platform.

Intralinks: Coresignal Ideas is a perfect tool to get VCs to look for startup companies and monitor their progress and ability movement. It provides streamlined multi-source investment alerts and personalized feeds for every stage of the deal lifecycle. Users can easily examine data without the need for support and get actionable insights immediately. To try it out, request a free trial of the platform. This will allow you to determine if it is just a fit for your needs.

BankerBay: An additional popular package sourcing program, BankerBay attaches buyers with dealmakers. Users can search deals through adding buy-side requires and sell-side deals. Before, Intralinks received PE-Nexus and Merger IDENTIFICATION to form DealNexus, one of many largest offer sourcing systems. This integration has turned it possible for deal finding platforms to get to a much broader audience.

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